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Water Dragon Truck Wash ‘Cleaner Quicker’ mobile truck cleaning
using latest snow foam non-scrub hi-pressure technology.

  • We come to you.
  • Always available.
  • Heavy equipment capable.
  • Melbourne all areas.
  • Multiple trained operators.

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Our clients expect high quality service and superior treatment. We don’t just wash their trucks, we meticulously clean around all the hard to reach spots on their trucks, trailers and equipment … service unmatched!

By recovering water waste before it enters storm water drains, we comply with EPA storm water drain regulations.

And best of all, we’re a mobile truck wash, which means we come to you, 7 days a week!

Choosing a mobile truck wash means you don’t have to pay your driver extra time to take the truck somewhere to be cleaned, and believe it or not, our prices are no more expensive than a drive-in truck wash.

  • Prime movers
  • Rigid trucks of all shapes and sizes
  • Rubbish trucks
  • Bin trucks
  • Skip trucks
  • Trailers of all types
  • Buses of any type
  • Machinery
  • Industrial and earthmoving machinery

More than 10 years experience in car detailing and 4 years in truck cleaning.

How can we save you money?

  • No need to waste fuel and running costs to and from a truck wash.
  • No longer pay drivers to wait in line at a truck wash.
  • Have your vehicles washed in your downtime (we schedule to suit your operations).
  • Cut back on overtime costs (and help your drivers with better fatigue management).
  • No need to hire extra employees to wash your assets.
  • Eliminate over use of cleaning products, damage to cleaning equipment and costly breakdowns.
  • No more worrying about damage occuring to your equipment by inexperienced operators.

How can we offer you piece of mind?

  • We are fully insured & OHE&S compliant (we can supply insurance certificates, MSDS’s and JSA’s)
  • All our operators are fully trained and will be inducted to your site and completely acclimatised to your operating requirements. We trust our staff to deliver the results you expect.
  • We use touch free snow foam with cold water high pressure. Hot water wash is a gimmick more than a necessity. It’s the quality detergents and practical know how that ensure we deliver cleaner trucks quicker.
  • No risk of scratching your vehicle or decals with heavy brooms, we are touch free.
  • We utilize the best available, environmentally friendly washing techniques and only the highest quality cleaning products and washing equipment.

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